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High End Stash Box: The Most Luxurious Way to Store Cannabis

We can all agree there is no better place to store your premium cannabis than a high end stash box.

Here at Mae we created the first luxury cannabis stash box with premium humidor features as well. Store your pre-rolls, flower, and smoking accessories in luxury with our elegantly crafted brass cannabis humidor plated in rose gold or silver.

With premium cannabis, you want to make sure your flower is stored in optimum condition so it can maintain its freshness for as long as possible.

high end stash box

A well designed humidor’s function is to protect your cannabis and conserve the aromatic trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids within the flower. Our high end cannabis humidor includes 3 humidifying packets to ensure freshness.

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to store all of your smoking accessories in one place, without the risk of accidentally mixing strains or running out of space. 

Beyond that, we’ll also demonstrate how you can control the humidity of your storage in a humidor for marijuana so that your premium cannabis maintains those important qualities you doled out for. You’ll learn how to achieve optimum storage so your cannabis flower stays ready to smoke whenever you are. Keep reading to learn more.

4 Reasons to Use a High End Stash Box

Buying a luxury cannabis humidor is an investment. A humidor for weed says you’re committed to preserving your flower and its essential components for as long as it takes you to smoke it. Here are the four elements of a premium humidor that will make a world of difference to your high quality marijuana.

The Best Cannabis Humidors Have Excellent Humidity Control

If the humidity of your cannabis flower becomes too low, it will dry out and lose its essential potency. But if humidity is kept too high it will invite moisture into your bud, which can only have one outcome—mold and mildew development. Storing cannabis in a humidity-controlled environment between 59% and 63% relative humidity is essential.

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The Mae Humidor/Stash combines the convenience of a stash box with the functionality of a humidor. You can insert humidity control packets in a slot on the Mae Humidor. These packets continually regulate the humidity of your flower, so you can make sure your premium cannabis stays fresh. We include three humidity packets as standard with each Humidor.

This marijuana humidor box has an in-built humidity indicator that changes its color once the packet has passed its full effectiveness, so you’ll know exactly when to change it. Humidity control doesn’t need to be a complex science. It’s now as simple as swapping one packet out for another inside your Mae Stash box.

The Mae Humidor is also airtight — an essential quality in a stash box or herb humidor. The vacuum seal ensures oxygen and UV rays from light aren’t allowed to degrade the terpenes and cannabinoids of your flower over time.

A Luxury Humidor Should Be Aesthetically Pleasing, Too

cannabis humidor

High end humidors are usually large wooden boxes that get stowed away under tables and desks, and out of sight. Imagine owning a stunning rose gold-plated high end stash box that still accommodates all of your flower, pre-rolls, edibles, wax, and accessories.

There’s no need to settle for less. Your smoking accessories really can accentuate your home and reflect your overall aesthetic. Far from being an item purely acquired for utilitarian purposes, a fancy and nice humidor can sit proudly alongside a beloved vape pen, shapely water pipe, or stylish ashtray.

The Mae Humidor’s sleek curves and edges make a beautiful centerpiece for any coffee table or common area. And with a weed humidor, all of your smoking necessities are readily available in one place—perfect for when you invite guests over to share in the experience.

The Mae Grinder finely shreds all types of flower for smoking material that burns smoothly every time. Consider adding it to your cannabis accessories collection.

Storing in a Large Humidor Allows for Optimal Organization

As you accumulate smoking accouterments over time, it’s easy to misplace essential items in various corners of your home. When the time comes to roll up, relax, and smoke, you have one thing in mind—and it isn’t searching every room for a lighter first. 

Say goodbye to disorganized frustration with the convenience of a large humidor and stash box. Regularly storing your smoking necessities in the Mae Humidor is the smartest way to keep everything together in one place, at all times. 

It’s vital to keep different strains of cannabis products separate from one another so unique terpene profiles don’t become cross-contaminated. Thankfully, Mae’s unique humidor is spacious enough that you can divide and store every ounce of bud and piece of paraphernalia you could need at any one time.

High End Cannabis Humidors Provide a One-of-a-Kind Smoking Experience

Dirty bongs and a mess of rolling papers are not your scene. Neither is storing quality cannabis products in plastic baggies. Imagine the damage this method of storage does to precious trichomes and terpenes.

If you enjoy entertaining guests, elevate your cannabis experience and take your smoking companions along for the ride. During every moment—from rolling up a joint to ashing it—a luxury Humidor like Mae’s provides the best smoking experience for anyone who participates. 

And by rolling up with products you stashed in a high end marijuana humidor box, you’ll promote an image that aligns with fellow avid fans who care about improving the reputation of cannabis.

A Humidor Like No Other

You may feel pressure to make the right decision when buying your first cannabis humidor—which is understandable! If you smoke premium marijuana and spend top dollar on it, you surely need the best humidor where you can store it. Only the top-rated humidors will meet your high expectations of consistent quality. 

There are some essential things to look for in both a cannabis humidor and a stash box: 

  • Excellent humidity control. This is essential to maintain the flavor profile, potency, and therapeutic benefits of your cannabis while avoiding damp and mold. 
  • A stash box that looks the part. There are plenty of reasons to showcase luxury, add a special touch to your home’s interior design, and be proud of the aesthetically-pleasing smoking accessories you use. 
  • A place to effectively organize your cannabis products. It must be large enough to hold everything you need while allowing you to keep different strains separated. 

There’s no other luxury stash box on the market today, meaning the Mae Humidor/Stash is in a class of its own. The Mae Humidor is the only way to store and enjoy your premium cannabis.

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