Mae Accessories – The Palm Battery (Engraved)

The Palm – Engraved battery provides the very best vaping experience available.  As enchanting as a fine piece of jewelry, it is designed with buttonless automatic function, a subtle LED indicator light, and thoughtfully powered by the longest-lasting battery on the market; The Palm will outlast even a full-gram cartridge on a single charge to ensure no interruptions while you put your Mind at Ease.  Luxuriously weighty, compatible with all 510 thread cartridges, includes additional magnetic cartridge washers for effortless connections and micro USB charging cable.

Crafted in brass and plated in Rose Gold or Silver.  Lifetime warranty on battery.

Engraved Rose Gold
Engraved Silver

Warranty: 45 Days

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  • - Vape cartridges intended for use with Mae Palm Battery require the use of magnetic washers (included with Battery).
  • - Mae vape cartridges include their own magnetic washer. To use, unscrew the washer from the cartridge, remove the red rubber stopper, gently screw the washer back on, drop the cartridge into Battery, and put your Mind at Ease.
  • - Gently screw on the magnetic washer to any standard 510 thread cartridge. Drop the cartridge into Battery and put your Mind at Ease.
  • - In case of malfunction, remove the cartridge and check if the washer is not tightened properly. If loose, gently screw until tight.
  • - When LED is solid red, battery life is at 20%
  • - When LED is blinking red, battery life is at 10%
  • Charge battery using any micro USB charger (cable included with Battery).
Technical Specifications
  • Battery, micro USB charging cable and 2 magnetic washers
  • • SIZE: 54.5mm*42 mm
  • • WEIGHT: 107g
  • • CAPACITY: 650mah
  • • AIRFLOW: /
  • • WORKING VOLTAGE: 3.6±0.2V
  • • COLOR: Rose Gold | Gold | Silver
  • • POWER TYPE: Magnetic suction contact
  • • MATERIAL OF SHELL: Brass + Plating
  • • MATERIAL OF CHIP: Grade A Chip
  • • LED COLOR: Blue Light
  • • System Keeps in Standby Mode while it is not in work
  • • When smoking, the LED lights gradually light up and produce smoke; After inhaling for 2 seconds, the LED light goes out, the output continues, and the smoking is stopped within 10 seconds
  • • If you smoke for more than 10 seconds, the output is turned off, the current battery light flashes 2 times, it means smoke overtime.
  • • The red and blue double lights will enter the dormant state after flashing "blue, red, blue and red", the quiescent current is <10uA
  • • After plugging in the MICRO USB connector, the red light flashes and enters the charging state; when the battery is charged to 4.2V±0.1V, the blue light keeps flashing, indicating that the charging is complete
  • • When smoking, if there is a short circuit at the output terminal, the red light will stay on for 2 seconds to indicate that there is a short circuit at the output. In this state, there is no output at the output terminal and start automatic protection
  • • Appearance Test: The surface of the battery is not damaged and the surface is flat, No chromatic aberration, water wave, No image noise in electroplating
  • • The output voltage and current of the power supply should be consistent with the input voltage and current of the charger.
  • • The LED light is on when smoking, and the smoke of the cartridge is normal.
  • • According to the battery continuous working time standard in the product specification, the smoking time reaches the longest continuous working time of the battery in the working state, the LED is off, and the output is turned off.
  • • When the battery voltage is charged to the rated value, the internal charging is automatically disconnected to prevent overcharging.