luxury marijuana accessories

Luxury Smoking Accessories – Accentuate Your Style

The discerning marijuana connoisseur has long been overdue for the designer luxury smoking accessories that benefit their elevated palate.

If you have a taste for the finer things in life and are seeking luxury cannabis accessories and high end pipes that showcase your expensive tastes, you’ve come to the right place.

luxury smoking accessories

In this article, we will introduce you to designer smoking accessories created with world renowned designer Joe Doucet. These items will set you apart as the luxury marijuana consumer you are.

Designer Smoking Accessories

The high end pipes and accessories market has an endless variety of eclectic and colorful weed pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. But there are far fewer luxury cannabis products that offer the smooth, clean metallic lines of modern design and couture fashion. Luxury marijuana accessories that put on display your sophistication and timeless grace.

I’ve laid out my choices for high end smoking accessories that offer uncompromised quality in bespoke styling. Try them yourself and make each hit a fashion statement and testament to a cultivated look of attitude and class.

Luxury Marijuana Products Beautifully Crafted for You

MAE LA is a luxury marijuana brand centered on design, and their high end smoking accessories reflect their prestigious roots in fashion design. 

MAE, which stands for “Mind at Ease,” is the brainchild of a former fashion industry executive, Armen Gregorian. In an exclusive interview with Forbes, Gregorian says his goal with MAE is to fill a void he noticed in the cannabis market. Gregorian found that the market lacked luxury products designed for cannabis connoisseurs with a taste for finer things.

designer smoking accessories

MAE offers a selection of luxury cannabis vaporizers. Extensive research and testing — including being the first brand to incorporate vitamin E testing into the development process — has resulted in premium, sleek products for the modern cannabis user who wants to add more class in their smoking accessories. 

In the elegantly created Cartridge Micro and Cartridge Macro, MAE has used native cannabis terpenes as a diluent in place of more common oil-based cutters that is the basis for their proprietary flavor, which is unlike anything else offered on the market. MAE’s proprietary blend lends itself to discreetness in a sleekly designed package that lets users indulge in cannabis nearly anywhere, at any time, with zero odor.

Luxury Weed Accessories that Enhance Your Smoking Experience

MAE is the product of choice for the smoker who is unafraid to elevate the image of marijuana and believes the image they cultivate should suit their taste.

luxury weed

The Humidor/Stash, designed by Joe Doucet, is the perfect balance of chic and understated luxury with a rose gold or silver plating, preserving all your flower and pre-rolls in its brass humidor chamber.

Included with the Humidor/Stash are 3 Humidifying Packets to ensure your marijuana remains that’s been stored at peak freshness.

The Humidor/Stash is crafted in solid, durable brass, then plated in either elegant silver or warm rose gold, revitalizing your fresh flower stash. It will catch everyone’s eye the next time you’re rolling up. It will be a mark of your refined palate.

Luxury Cannabis Appendages that Were Made to Stand Out

MAE’s collection of luxury cannabis products and high end smoking accessories are crafted to elevate and outshine the designs people may find at their local dispensary. They are sleek and sophisticated amid a market of bright colors and loud design.

The first time I used my Cartridge Micro in a public gathering, I made many new friends who simply had to know where they could buy something as beautiful. I had never swelled with pride at having a cannabis product on display, but it’s a feeling everyone should experience at least once.

High End Smoking Accessories – Designed by Joe Doucet

Joe Doucet is the design guru behind MAE’s collection. Doucet’s credits include work with global design leaders such as Swarovski, Gucci, and Grey Goose. He has received a National Design Award from Cooper Hewitt and the Smithsonian Design Museum, among other awards and accolades. His designs are what set MAE products apart.

Elegant lines, sophisticated finishes and engravings, and understated luxury are the key components in the creative insight Joe Doucet put into the collection with MAE. The products have a simplicity to them that those familiar with Joe Doucet expect from his work.

The MAE x Joe Doucet collection brings luxury cannabis accessories to the high end consumer goods market for the first time, which ensures that just owning a MAE product will make you stand out against anyone you smoke cannabis with.

High End Pipes You Have Never Seen Before

One design I’ve loved is The Pipe, by MAE x Joe Doucet. Initially, I had expected it to go unnoticed because of its simplicity and just took it around to nightclubs or the beach. But, every time I took it out of its case, I noticed it captured everyone’s gaze. They had never seen a pipe quite like this before.

I’ve been told it’s captivating because it carries itself with confidence, only taking up as much space as it absolutely needs and making itself noticeable because the design is only smooth lines and curves. Now, I always have it in my rotation no matter where I go.

MAE LA x Joe Doucet is Available in California and Online

Luxury cannabis products should be held valuable as a true collector’s item and a treat to own and showcase. Once you buy one, you will finally discover the sense of pride in your smoking appendages that you never knew you yearned.

If you’re uncertain where to start in your search for luxury smoking accessories and high end design, you can rest assured with MAE. Based in the LA area and with products in dispensaries across California, they offer customers an elevated smoking experience with sleek, richly designed and beautifully inspired products.

With the cannabis market still young, this is your chance to be one of the first to experience the pleasure and pride that comes with owning a luxury good. And I can’t recommend enough to begin your luxury cannabis collection.

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